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June 20th @ 1:00PM EST

With all the news coming out of D.C., where do things stand with respect to the debate around the ACA? Take an hour to get the news straight from D.C. in this live webinar from Sirona Strategies, sponsored by ArmadaCare.

with Krista Drobac

Partner, Sirona Strategies

Sponsored by ArmadaCare


ACA Repeal and Employer-Sponsored Coverage:

State of the healthcare system, including popular provisions of ACA

  • Key trends
  • What voters like about ACA
  • Shift to value-based care (Pay for Performance)

Overview of congressional healthcare goals related to employer-sponsored health insurance

  • Expanded use of HDHP and HSAs
  • Portability of coverage
  • States increased role in regulation and program administration

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) (H.R. 1628) as passed by the House

  • Adjustments to Health Savings Account law
  • Delay or repeal of taxes, including to Cadillac tax
  • Reform of essential health benefits, high risk pools, underwriting rules and more

Challenges facing Senate and House Republicans in repeal efforts

  • Impact of Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates on Senate version
  • Likely modifications to Senate version
  • Timing issues

Prescription Drug Prices

  • Addressing spiraling cost
  • Expanding sources for Rx from other countries
  • Requiring price transparency from manufacturers or PBM

A live Q&A session will follow the presentation. If you can’t attend live, register anyway to receive an on-demand version.


This live webinar will present a D.C. insider’s view of:

Krista Drobac has twenty years of experience in federal and state government, and in public affairs. She now provides strategic advice on a broad range of state and federal legislative and regulatory issues around Medicaid, Medicare, accountable care, commercial insurance, digital health, public health and other areas. She was previously the director of the Health Division at the National Governors Association’s Center for Best Practices where she directed technical assistance for governors’ health advisors. Prior to NGA, she was a Senior Advisor at the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) working in Medicaid and private insurance regulation. She also served as Deputy Director of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services where she worked on policy related to Medicaid and state employee health benefits programs. Krista spent five years on Capitol Hill where she was a health advisor in the U.S. Senate. Krista holds a BA from the University of Michigan and an MPP from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.

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Krista Drobac

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